Reasons to buy a tablet

Here Are 6 Reasons To Buy A Tablet

With the advent of foldable smartphones, there has been much talk in the industry about the inevitable death of tablets. Now that foldable smartphones are offering larger screens, the saying goes, there is no reason to get a tablet. Of course, the team at Boxedtech are not ones to just blindly follow trends, we like to ask questions, and the questions we wanted to ask is: what is the reason to buy a tablet?

Turns out there are quite a few reasons to get yourself a tablet – here are six of them to be exact.

We think there is much value in tablets because it perfectly balances the appeal of a laptop and smartphone. Here are some reasons to buy a tablet over a smartphone.

6 reasons to buy a tablet

Tablets offer a larger screen than smartphones

We will get the most obvious reason to buy a tablet out of the way. Yes, tablets offer a larger screen ranging anywhere from 7” to 10” compared to smartphones, which max out at 6 inches. The larger screen makes all the difference in the world when you are watching videos or playing games. You can enjoy games like Fortnite as they were meant to be played, instead of settling with a smaller screen. Laptops offer a larger screen but are not as comfortable to handle, which brings us to our next point.

Tablets are easier to handle than laptops

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy videos on a large 10” screen while also leaning back comfortably into your couch? That’s what you get with a tablet – you can’t get a 10” screen with a smartphone, and you can’t lean back into your couch with a laptop because it needs support. Furthermore, it’s much easier to carry a tablet around with you compared to a laptop. If you take the tube or bus to work, you can either place the tablet in a laptop bag (using just half the space) or carry it with you, so you can watch videos or play games even while travelling. Easier handling is one of the main reasons to buy a tablet.

Better for office work

Tablets combine the convenience of smartphones and tablets making it the best device for office work. Smartphones are portable, but it’s challenging to edit documents or write long emails. Meanwhile, it’s easier to perform more complex tasks on a laptop but they are larger, and bulkier to carry around.

With a tablet, you retain the processing power of a laptop with the convenience of a smartphone, making it one of the best reasons to buy a tablet. Tablets are easier to work and have enough processing power for you to perform functions reviewing documents, emailing, research and more. Certain tablets like the iPad Mini can perform demanding tasks like video editing.

More battery life

One feature that has particularly affected the appeal of smartphones is battery life. Most smartphones require frequent charge sessions, depending on how you use it. For example, if you have the backlit display in full power, the battery will die quickly. However, tablets do not have this problem. Tablets can last as long as ten hours without charging. Hence, you can do more in between charge sessions. Even when pushing the limits of the tablet, the battery still lasts a long time.

Better for reading and writing

Are you a professional writer? Then you need to buy a tablet. There are certain tablets, like Amazon Kindle that are built specifically for reading. However, even general tablets are better suited for reading than smartphones thanks to the larger screen, where the font is clear and easier to read compared to a smartphone. Tablets are also better suited for writing, the larger screen makes it easier to write and edit large documents.

Want to use a keyboard? Just connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your tablet, and you are good to go. It is like typing on a laptop except smaller, more manageable and lightweight. You can take your reading material and writing with you wherever you go, making it one of the best reasons to buy a tablet, especially if you are a writer.

Key takeaways

Despite common misconceptions, there are several reasons why you should buy a tablet. Tablets offer both the conveniences of a laptop with the benefits of a smartphone. Tablets are lighter than laptops but offer a larger screen than smartphones. It’s a great tool for office work and writers in particular because it’s easier to read and work when you are using a Bluetooth keyboard. All these reasons make tablets an excellent asset.

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