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Samsung R500 – Samsung Galaxy Active

Also known as the Samsung Galaxy Active, the Samsung R500 is a smartwatch geared towards fitness and health. Several features make this smartwatch a stellar buy, like taking calls, sending messages and listening to music. However, in our limited trial period, there were a few things that really stood out: Fitness apps, de-stress support and its sporty style.


As is often said, style is in the eye of the beholder and we know that not everyone has the same tastes. However, we have a great feeling about the Samsung Galaxy Active, given that the R500 distinguishes itself from other models with a streamlined, sporty look. The watch face is a 28.1mm Super AMOLED screen.

Those who prefer the classic analogue look of the Samsung Gear S2 Classic will probably not like this. On the other hand, there are those who do like the sporty look, and we feel the R500 would be ideal for them, given that it is better suited to sports than other smartwatches. As we said, style is in the eye of the beholder.

If you have particular preferences, you will be glad to know that the Samsung Galaxy Active is customisable – you can select the colour of the straps and watch face choosing from a range of colours ranging from black to rose gold.

Health and fitness

Health and fitness are the significant selling points of the Samsung Galaxy Active, and we are big fans of tech that helps us lead a healthier lifestyle. The Galaxy Active comes with an assortment of health and fitness apps like MapMyRun, Fitness Pal and more (you can switch between apps by turning the bezel in the appropriate direction). These apps are useful because they allow you to organise your workout regime around specific goals and never forget about it.

You can use one of the many apps to track your gains and measure your progress over time. We found the apps to be quite useful – however, again, they are only helpful if you are committed to working out daily. The Samsung Galaxy Active helps you maintain a fitness regime, but it is up to you to follow it.

Of course, there is more to the Samsung Galaxy Active than just fitness apps. There are other ways of keeping in good health, like making sure you are properly rested. The Galaxy Active can track your sleeping patterns, so you know how long you have gone through the four stages of sleep (Awake, REM, Light and Deep). It’s great information and if you feel that you are not getting enough rest, then the watch will be a huge boon for you.


We’ve all felt stress at some point in our lives. Many of you have had moments when you felt stressed out, too, in which case, the Samsung Galaxy Active would be the perfect fit in your routine.

The Samsung Galaxy Active can tell when you are stressed out and suggest ways you can calm down. Suggested methods include breathing and meditation techniques that will be displayed across the watch face. The smartwatch tracks stress levels through “an integrated heart monitor”, so if your heart rate goes above a certain level, you will be informed of surmounting stress. It’s a useful feature to help keep your stress levels under control. Sometimes, its an excellent idea to take a step back and take a deep breath when you feel overwhelmed in a situation.

The Samsung Galaxy Active is an excellent tool in that regard – especially given how it helps you keep calm even in the most stressful hours of the day.

Key takeaways

The Samsung Galaxy Active is an excellent smartwatch to own, though we feel it leans more towards sports and outdoors than an office setting. We strongly feel that if you are someone looking for a smart device that will help you get fitter and more active, then the Samsung Galaxy Active is for you.

The health and fitness features, combined with its sporty style makes it a great asset for anyone. We also need to mention the de-stress feature, which is handy for most working professionals. The Samsung Galaxy Active tracks your heart rate and informs when it reaches a certain level, indicating stress. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Active is a must own for anyone looking to lead a more balanced, healthier lifestyle.

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