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The Samsung S20

The Samsung S20 is the latest offering from the smartphone giant. Released in February 2020, it promises to build on the formidable offerings of the S10.


The Galaxy series is filled with visually stunning phones and the S20 is no exception. Thin and slender, the smartphone measures over 151.7mm in length and over 69.1mm in width. The Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED screen measures over 6.2″, and takes up the majority of the phone’s front face. Of course, it comes in three different colours for users to choose from: Cloud Pink, Cloud Blue and Cosmic Grey.

It’s a beautiful phone to be sure, but is it the right device for social distancing? With people forced to stay indoors, the Samsung S20 could be perfect to help you develop some new skills or get into some new hobbies you always wanted to but didn’t have the time.

State of the art specs from the Samsung S20

If you are looking to develop your photography skills, or create a vlog of yourself developing a new skill, then you will not have a better friend then the Samsung S20.

That’s because the S20 has the best camera out of the entire Galaxy Series line – probably in the whole smartphone industry. The smartphone features over four cameras, including a wide-angle camera with over 108MP resolution. That’s millions of pixels packed into a single image. It means you can edit and crop your razor-sharp image without losing a drop of detail.

Besides the 108MP camera, there is also the Ultra-wide MP camera (12MP), Telephoto camera (48MP) and a DepthVision camera. The high MP resolution guarantees sharp, crisp colours – the perfect device to start your new hobby.

More interested in learning video editing or filming? Then, you are in for a treat because the Samsung S20 has a 108x zoom. You can capture sharp images of objects that are kilometres away using the 100x zoom (although admittedly, you will be pushing the limit when you max it out). There’s a lot of filming and shooting options for you to work with when you are at home.

We all know that photography indoors is hard because lighting can be pretty bad. The Samsung S20 fixes some of those problems, thanks to a pro-grade camera system, advanced image selection and AI. This means that images can be captured with minimal blur and noise.

Furthermore, the camera can automatically switch between modes, including Night Mode to shoot images during the dark.

Looking to produce a few videos to refine your video-making and editing skills? The Samsung S20 now features 8K video resolution, that’s 16x the resolution of an HD screen. You can record anything (like your dog taking a nap), and make it look like it was filmed in a professional studio on a million-pound budget.

If you have ever thought about starting your own vlog or are just getting into filmmaking/video editing while you are stuck in the house, you are not going to get a better start than with the Samsung S20.

Research is a huge part of learning a new skill. Whether it is looking up YouTube videos, seeking advice on Reddit or Googling stuff, you will want a smartphone that is fast and responsive. You will be glad to know that the Samsung S20 is perfect for such an activity.

The RAM is built with LPDDR5 memory, which means speeds of up to 6,4000 Mbps. The result of this is that you can stream a video, browse through Reddit and load 100+ results on the SERP, all without seeing a drop in speed or responsiveness.

Expand your skills and indulge in your hobbies during this time

The Samsung S20 is the perfect top-of-the-line device to have during this time. While we are all shut-in, there is absolutely no reason to enjoy the best technology has to offer. But the Samsung S20 is more than just a piece of tech, isn’t it? It’s the perfect device to help you learn some new hobbies and make the best of what is ultimately a tough situation.

Interested in making the best of this social distancing? You can place an order for the Samsung S20, and we will have it delivered to your doorstep in three days. We have taken all steps to ensure that team members and customers remain safe.

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