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Based in the United Kingdom, BoxedTech is the leading UK smartphone store offering the best deals on smartphones, phone accessories, tablets, smart wearables and much more.

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Our Philosophy


BoxedTech abides by one philosophy: Our customers always come first. Whether you are a hardcore technophile (like us!) or someone just looking for a neat deal on a quality smartphone or device, we aim to give you the best.

Our team works around the clock to give you the best service and deals on phones and other devices that are SIM-Free. You don’t need to be locked into an expensive, long-term contract to enjoy your new phone. Get the phone you want, but pick the perfect carrier and payment plan that fits your needs, in your own time, and on your terms. At BoxedTech, we believe in delivering maximum value, and we can think of no better ‘value for money ’ proposition than Unlocked and Sim Free Phones.

Were you excited to order something online only to get bogged down in boring details, like shipping fees? How long did you wait for your order to show up? How often did the long wait kill your excitement? We understand because we’ve been there and we don’t want our customers to go through the same thing. That’s why, when you shop at BoxedTech, you only have to wait two working days before getting what you ordered. Best of all. No shipping fees. That’s right! BoxedTech offers Free Next Working Day Shipping on all orders  – order before 3pm daily and you will have your new purchase the next working day.

When you purchase from BoxedTech, the only thought on your mind should be the excitement of getting a shiny, brand new, SIM Free Smartphone. You should only think about the apps you are going to use, the movies you are going to watch, and the games you are going to play on your brand new phone. Anything else will detract from the excitement, and that’s the last thing we want for you. That’s why we work around the clock to provide fast, free shipping service to our all customers.

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Looking to the future


The BoxedTech team is working hard to expand the range of products available. We will continue to get the best and latest smartphones in the market, but also expand into other areas. Expect to see the best deals on all sorts of Tech. We are always updating our site with new products, so be sure to check back and browse through the latest stuff.

Are you still looking for extra information? Check out our FAQ page to learn more about our customer friendly refund policy with free returns, manufacturers warranty and our delivery process.