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How Will 5G Impact On Upcoming Smartphones

5G. Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard the latest buzzword currently rocking the tech industry. 5G represents the latest evolution of wireless internet technology, improving on 4G speeds by a significant margin. Current wireless internet speeds hit a maximum of 100 megabits per second. However, according to the Next Generation Mobile Network Alliance (NGMT), 5G will deliver speeds of up to 6Gbps. The faster internet speeds promise to change the way we use upcoming smartphones.

Changes in upcoming smartphones

Download a 4K movie in seconds

With our current internet speeds, we can download movies at 1080p pretty quickly. But what about 4K? Not a chance. 5G networks will change all that. Thanks to their higher speeds, you can download a 4K movie in just 6 seconds. How will this affect smartphones? You can bet that smartphone makers will want consumers to take full advantage of the extra speed. Upcoming smartphones may have 4K display screens, more storage capacity and faster processing power. Overall, expect smartphones to get more powerful with beefier specs.

Better online multiplayer games

Multiplayer games are fun (provided you mute the trolls), but sometimes we have to deal with technical difficulties such as lag. If our internet lags, it affects the game and ruins the whole experience. What if playing online was a lag-free experience? That would certainly be the case thanks to 5G. Not only is the internet faster but the latency would be much lower. NGMT estimates that latency will be cut by 75% with 5G, which means fewer delays and a more enjoyable multiplayer experience. But, how will this change upcoming smartphones? Expect to see not only beefier specs but also apps that take full advantage of the lower latency. We could be playing online games on mobile, the same way we play on consoles.

Control smart devices

Low latency not only leads to a better gaming experience but opens up smartphones to new technologies like IoT devices and live video calling.

If upcoming smartphones can connect to IoT devices, it would become the most important device we own. 5G smartphones will connect to smart devices in our home, which means all facets of our smart home can be controlled using our portable device. Faucets, lights, gardening and even cooking equipment, can be controlled with just a swipe of our thumbs. Furthermore, we can download information from an IoT device and view it on our smartphones.

Some devices, for example, smart washing machines are complex and collect a lot of information. Rather than having all that information on a display, it can be downloaded and displayed on your smartphone. You will know how much water and electricity your washing machine uses just by glancing at your phone. In other words, you can control your entire house using just your smartphone, making it one of the most important devices we own.

Should you get a 5G smartphone?

However, before we get too excited about smartphones, it’s important to bear one critical thing in mind. 4G and 3G technology are not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s going to take a while before the necessary infrastructure for 5G is in place. Even though they have started to roll out 5G in the UK, it’s going to be a few years before it becomes as accessible as 4G. Furthermore, early 5G models will be quite pricey in comparison to their 4G counterparts. Despite, our excitement over 5G, it’s difficult to recommend 5G smartphones at this stage. If you are technophile (like us) and you have got the cash, by all means, splurge. However, if you are a more casual user, we recommend holding out just a smidge longer.

Key takeaways

5G is going to change the capabilities of upcoming smartphones, which in turn is going to change the way we use them. Look forward to 4K movies on the go, better multiplayer games and control over smart devices. However, this is a starting point and there could still be brand new innovations on the horizon that we have yet to see.

Despite our enjoyment, we recommend holding off on getting a 5G smartphone until the technology is more prevalent around the country when 5G is more affordable and the smartphones have taken full advantage of the technology.

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