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Unveiling The iPhone 12

It’s common knowledge by now that the much-anticipated iPhone 12 is set to be released in Apple’s 2020 lineup. While there were rumours that the COVID-19 outbreak would set the production and release of the new iPhone back by several months, many reports confirm that development is unaffected and the new iPhones are set to be released in line with Apple’s original timeline. As such, we can expect to see the new phones hit stores in the middle of September.

Expectations are high for the new iPhone, as many denounced the iPhone 11 range, calling it a simple upgrade on its earlier model with no truly impressive new features.

Here’s what we’re anticipating from the upcoming series.

The name

Despite certain rumours that the new release will be called the 11 series, due to the significant changes that this iPhone is expected to bring to the table, it is far more likely that Apple will continue in numerical order and name it the iPhone 12.

Available sizes

Many reports agree that the latest iPhone lineup will consist of four phones in three different sizes: A 5.4-inch phone, two 6.1-inch phones, and a 6.7-inch phone.

The 5.4-inch model will be close in size to the iPhone 8 and will comprise one half of the lower-end release, alongside one of the 6.1-inch models. The other 6.1-inch model and the 6.7-inch phone will be the higher-end successors of the iPhone 11.


The design of the 12 series is set to bring back the stainless steel frame and square-edged design of the iPhone 4, while retaining the glass front and back for the body of the device.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the new design will feature a much more complex segmentation design as well as new trenching and injection moulding procedures.

As a result of a slimmer, more efficient battery, many also theorise that the new iPhone will be sleeker compared to the last iPhone range. In terms of new colours, many reports agree that a new navy blue finish may be introduced this year.


It is rumoured that the new iPhone will include a 3D camera that will work similarly to the LiDAR scanner feature included in the iPad Pro model for 2020. Based on what we already know of this feature on the iPad, the sensor works up to 5 metres away and can map the area around you in nano-seconds.

Current rumours also indicate that the two higher-end models will feature the new time-of-flight rear camera. The new series is also set to have triple lenses to support night mode, and the ultra-wide lens may include a dedicated macro mode as well as larger sensors than the 11 Pro Max.

The two lower-end models, on the other hand, are likely to feature a dual-lens camera.


A great deal of speculation surrounds the notch that was recently introduced to the iPhone design. One analyst speculates that at least one of the phones in the 2020 release will have no notch or Face ID. Instead, it will rely on a fingerprint sensor located underneath the display.

Ming-Chi Kuo additionally predicts that one of the phones will also feature a much smaller front lens resulting in a slighter notch that takes up less space on the display screen. This will be in line with what many have wanted Apple to achieve in terms of an all-screen front display for the iPhone.

New features

One widely-spread rumour claims that the new iPhone is likely to support 5G networks. If this is true, it will be the first of Apple’s iPhones to support 5G and is not an unbelievable rumour, as most phones on the market today do the same.

A new A14 chip is also said to be in the works and its thermal management system will make the chip smaller, faster, and more battery-efficient.

The new iPhone’s RAM is also expected to get a boost with faster sharing and processing speeds.

Are you excited about the new iPhone 12?

Rumours will persist until Apple’s official announcement later in the year and only time will tell if the iPhone 12 will live up to its hype.

One thing that all Apple analysts and fans appear to agree on is that this series will be a marked upgrade on the iPhone 11 models released in 2019. The new iPhone 12 series is set to impress on all fronts from the cutting-edge, beautiful design Apple is known for to its performance and features. This will definitely be an Apple release to watch out for.

Stay tuned to Boxedtech for more updates on the iPhone 12.

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