Mobile Phone Review The Samsung Galaxy A5

Mobile Phone Review: The Samsung Galaxy A5

For smartphone giant, Samsung, making mid-range devices is now down to a science. As a testament to this, our mobile phone review this week focuses on one of its more popular models – the Samsung Galaxy A5.

For buyers on the market looking for a sturdy and reliable device, the Galaxy A5 has consistently proved itself a worthy contender. With a price tag that belies its user-friendly specs, individuals often end up with a smartphone that exceeds the capabilities that can be inferred by its price.

Given that we like to put our money where our mouth is, the post below dives into what users can expect with this device in hand. Continue reading for our mobile phone review on one of Samsung’s finest mid-range devices.


Running on Android 6.0.1, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is a reliable performer for users expecting standard smartphone functionality. While the device isn’t exactly the fastest on the market, it’s far from laggy and gives users the ability to multitask modestly.

With its Exynos 7880 CPU, the phone enjoys a higher clock speed and a more powerful graphics processor in comparison to alternatives such as the Snapdragon 617. Given that the Samsung Galaxy A5 also boasts an Octa-core processor, performance is not an aspect users need to concern themselves with for everyday applications.


Similar to performance, the A5’s cameras are also a great bargain for the price paid on this smartphone. While it’s difficult to expect the device’s 16MP rear camera to rival flagship photography, it is, nonetheless, a reliable choice.

With its front-facing lens similarly toting a 16MP rating, buyers who can’t afford to spend too much will be delighted with the device’s camera specs. Thus, for enjoyable Skype calls and some truly fantastic selfies, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is a top mid-range device.

Given the phone’s affordable price tag, however, low-light photography is definitely not one of its strong points. Despite this, users can still enjoy a very enjoyable photography experience, especially given that shooting photos is much faster compared to competitors in the same price range.


With its 3,000mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy A5 promises a battery life that’s perfect to explore the full functionality of this device.

Here, jamming out to tunes, browsing YouTube and the web, as well as texting and calling contacts can be comfortably accommodated within a single charge. Users are, in fact, likely to enjoy a decent amount of leftover battery even by night time.

Many mobile phone reviews on this device have shown that even after heavy-duty activity such as gaming and video viewing, the drop in battery is far less than the industry standard. This isn’t just because of the manufacturer’s choice of battery – the CPU’s 14nm production process also proves influential. Further, the A5’s Super AMOLED screen is also known to be energy-efficient.

Design and display

Designed with metal, glass, and aluminium, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is a stylish and hardy choice for buyers concerned about durability and finish. With its Gorilla Glass 4, the screen is protected by some of the latest hardware in the market and comes in black, gold, light blue, and pink versions.

With its thin and sturdy feel, the phone is ergonomically designed and is easy to hold. Given that the phone ends up in one shade altogether, it’s also not too flashy for slightly conservative buyers on the market.

Because the Samsung Galaxy A5 comes with a continuously active screen, battery level, date, and time are always on display, even when the phone is in standby mode. With its OLED display, however, displaying these bits of text doesn’t consume too much energy.

Key Takeaways

When it comes to choosing a mid-range device that doesn’t break the bank, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is a stellar choice for buyers keen on getting their money’s worth.

Given the findings of our mobile phone review, leveraging specs that are worth more than the price paid is now possible with this device. Get yours today!


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