Huawei mate 10 pro mobile review

Mobile Phone Review: The Huawei Mate 10 Pro

In the past year or so, Huawei has consistently outperformed itself in the smartphone arena with truly stunning flagship devices. Thus, as an ode to the company’s growing fame, our mobile phone review this week focuses on the Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

With its flagship trend culminating in the P20 Pro – a device boasting the world’s first triple lens rear camera – the Chinese manufacturer started making waves with the Mate 10 series in 2017. In this regard, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro was one of the company’s best devices before the former came along. Boasting the world’s fastest AI Kirin processor, buyers are promised a smartphone experience unlike any other, all for a fraction of a price of the latest iPhones.

Diving into some of its slick features and enviable specs, continue reading our post for a review on the Mate 10 Pro – a must-buy for individuals with an eye for style, functionality, and cutting-edge innovation.


With the promise of taking performance to new heights, this device is perfect for those after an intuitive and responsive smartphone experience. With its 8-core CPU and 12-core GPU, the Mate 10 Pro delivers a flawless performance with speeds that rival a user’s wildest dreams.

Equipped with leading technology, the phone boasts AI computational capabilities that deliver 50x efficiency increases and a 25x performance enhancement. Given that all of this boils down to the device’s Neural Processing Unit, Huawei has ensured its superiority by operating this independently from cloud-based processing, maintaining user privacy.


Undoubtedly among the first features buyers scramble to find out about, the Mate 10 Pro comes with a camera that’s undeniably intelligent.

Boasting a Leica Dual Lens recording an aperture at f/1.6, low-light photography no longer results in barely discernible or grainy shots. Promising users blur-free shots of moving objects and stunning shallow depth-of-field pictures, the dual lens consists of a 12MP RGB sensor with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) and a 20MP monochrome sensor with no OIS. Pictures are, therefore, taken around a resolution of 12MP.

The device also features an all-new AI zoom, which even beats out the iPhone 8 Plus’ optical zoom in certain light settings. One a shot is taken, it’s possible to refocus on completely different elements within it.

In terms of its front-facing lens, the Mate 10 Pro is blessed with an 8MP camera and 1080p video capabilities.


Another spec users really dive into is battery life and this is another area in which the Mate 10 Pro outperforms its competitors. This is highlighted in just about every mobile phone review on this device.

Toting a mega-sized 4,000mAh battery, the device has a larger capacity than most other devices on the market. For users who want nothing short of the best entertainment – gaming, movies, and photography – all of this is supported with a single charge that lasts the entire day. For users who aren’t as addicted to their phones, the Mate 10 Pro can even last them a second day!

The flagship is also equipped with superior fast charging capabilities, thanks to the company’s Super Charge technology. This means that with around 30 minutes of charging, over 50% of the battery is restored.

Design and display

Designed with a stunning mix of metal and glass, it’s undeniable that the Mate 10 Pro is a great looking device.

For users who are a little clumsy or are particular about the durability of their smartphones, the Gorilla Glass back panel and metal frame shield this piece of technology from plenty of everyday hazards.

Providing users with a sleek and crystal clear 6-inch display, the screen totes an aspect ratio that’s enjoyably wide and boasts an 80.9% screen-to-bezel ratio.

Key Takeaways

For users that are after a flagship device that doesn’t cost an arm, a leg, and then some, Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro is a worthy choice.

Given the findings of our mobile phone review, it’s clear that the 2017 model continues being listed among the industry’s finest smartphones.


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