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The CAT S61: One of the Most Versatile Industrial Smartphones Around?


CAT S61 smartphones are the ultra-resistant devices of your dreams. Designed to be waterproof, drop proof, and even dust resistant, this group of industrial smartphones are manufactured and sold by the Bullitt Group, under the license of Caterpillar Inc.

Intended to take the nightmarish aspects, such as accidental dropping or shocks, out of everyday smartphone use, CAT phones are the top choice for individuals after a more rugged and long-lasting device. They are now produced with the Android operating system, and possess standard smartphone features and accessories.

Among this line of industrial smartphones, the CAT S61 is the latest in a long line of superior hardware technology. Expected to release at the second quarter of 2018, this blog will take a look at whether this phone is set to be one of the most versatile of its kind.



As is the case for most phones of this type and range, the CAT S61 is the epitome of durability – more so than its less-refined predecessors. With a tougher and sturdier chassis, the S61 comes with a layered Gorilla Glass 5, rubber flaps, and is also set to perform better in terms of waterproof capabilities (waterproof up to 3 metres for 60 minutes). Expected to come equipped with a reinforced aluminium frame, the phone is sure to provide users with the confidence that it can withstand quite a few shocks – even a 1.8 meter drops onto concrete. The back panel also comes with a rugged and textured surface and increased a user’s grip, preventing the most unnecessary and trivial accidents.





Laser Projector

The CAT S61 packs in some super cool features – even when compared to similar industrial smartphones. Among the most talked-about additions, the futuristic laser projector is a standout – used for area and distance measuring purposes. While the laser can only shoot up to around 10 metres with accuracy dropping thereafter, it’s nonetheless a boast-worthy feature to have on your smartphone.


Sensory Features

Another seriously impressive feature is its Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) sensor, which actually tests the air quality around a specific radius. This is a very important capability for industrial workers or anyone whose workstation can prove to be dangerous and volatile from time to time. Using a pre-installed app, the sensor will tell you if the air quality around you is excellent, good, moderate, poor, or unhealthy. While it won’t be able to tell you what’s exactly causing the drop in quality, it is, nonetheless, a useful feature for many industrial workers.


Image/Video Capturing

Moreover, the CAT S61 also comes in with a FLIR thermal image camera. While this isn’t a new feature by any means, it is the proud owner of an improved sensory range between -20℃ and 400℃. This is a significant improvement from its previous ceiling of 120℃. Image resolution has also been sharpened, with images and objects better defined than before. The app also supports a live stream option to Facebook, increasing its functionality exponentially.

Given these features, it’s clear that this may not be the best choice for every day, Instagram influencer type photography. it is, however, a perfect choice for hardcore adventurists, who travel to extreme environments frequently.


Display and Processor

Boasting an impressive 5.2-inch 1080p display, the CAT S61 provides users with ample screen surface for just about every function Android offers. The smartphone also features extra brightness, glove mode, wet finger mode, as well as additional buttons to help take pictures underwater.

Its internal system is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 630, with a processor boasting of 2.2 GHz and a 4GB RAM. With storage of 64GB and an added microSD slot for further storage capacity, it provides purchasers with ample space to store up necessary data, without the need to constantly delete important images and files off their phone. If you’re someone who’s particularly concerned about battery usage, the S61 battery is also capable of being charged quickly, with its Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 feature.


Key Takeaways

Given the features set out above, it’s clear that the CAT S61 is, by far, the most superior of the industrial smartphones (soon to be) available on the market. While its price point of approximately $999 may not make it a phone for just about everyone, it’s probably not designed for mass use anyway. Its combined features of enhanced durability, solid display and processor, as well as its host of other serious sci-fi features, render it the most versatile of CAT smartphones available on the market.

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