New Mobile Phone Must Knows Before You Purchase

New Mobile Phone: Must-Knows Before You Purchase Your Next Phone

Nowadays with the range of choices available in terms of smartphone technology, it’s a little easy to feel overwhelmed. Especially if you’re in the market to buy a new phone. Barely anyone makes such an important, often all-consuming purchase, without doing (some) research. While most people directly dive into an all-out side-by-side comparison of specs, there are quite a number of factors that must be considered before this. Our blog this week takes a look at what some of these considerations are. If you’re looking to buy a new mobile phone in the near future, take a look at our list and get closer to making the right pick!

Android v iOS

This age-old battle is one that’s still being fought on the frontlines of the smartphone industry.

Most users fall into either of these categories, with frequent crossovers not uncommon across a range of buyers. The question most relevant to you would, therefore, be, Android or iOS?

Most often, in answering this question, prospective buyers go with the OS they’re using on their existing device. More pertinent than consideration of familiarity is the fact that almost all your music, contacts, and other data are embedded in a particular platform. This makes transferring this data across systems a somewhat complex task.

If, however, you’ve mixed things up over the years and use both systems across a number of devices, you’re likely to have more room for choice.

That being said, most new users tend to prefer iPhones. While iPhones are certainly powerful devices, there are plenty of equally functional and powerful new mobile phones on the market. A little research will reveal them to you.



Which Feature/Spec is Most Important to You?

Individuals prioritise various functions or features when they choose new mobile phones.

For some, the value of a phone is anchored on how powerful a particular processor is. If you’re someone who’s constantly on your phone and use it for business purposes, a good processor will help you multitask with ease.

For first-time buyers, camera capabilities and battery life are likely to be more important considerations.

Whichever category you fall into and whatever your needs are, deciding on what your everyday requirements are will help you base your choice on a device that meets your requirements.

If you’re someone who’s got the money and wouldn’t mind a flashy, all-powerful device, flagships such as the iPhone X or the latest Samsung S9+ are probably better picks for you.

When’s the Right Time to Buy?

It’s human nature to be tempted to purchase a phone just as it is released. In all its shiny glory, it’s easy to get bowled over by the marketing undertaken for brand-new devices, especially if you’re looking for a new mobile phone and have the money to finance it.

However, not only is it important to allow some time to pass to really evaluate user experience, but also because the phone is bound to be at its most expensive upon release. Some phones, despite exceptional quality and performance, just don’t sell. If you’re not put off by poor sales, wait until heavy discounts are offered and then strike while the iron is hot!

Old is Gold

It’s easy to feel like the newest, most up-to-date mobile devices are the ones we really need. Sure, newer models certainly enjoy a degree of hardware and software improvements. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that older models in the same line won’t cater to your requirements of functionality, performance, and design.

So, before you succumb to the forces of commercial hype, take a good look at older models, dating even a year or two back – often, they have many of the core features newer counterparts do, at a much more appealing price point.

Key Takeaways

If you’re on the prowl for a new mobile phone, taking time to consider the factors set out above will likely help you settle on a smartphone that will suit your needs. Instead of getting caught on the bandwagon, slow down, do some research, and make a choice that will serve you faithfully in the years to come.

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