The s10 5g promises speeds not seen before.

Samsung Galaxy S10

If you are looking for a high-end smartphone prepped for the future, then you need to get the Samsung S10 5G. With its 5G-capability, 6 cameras, excellent performance, immersive display and fantastic design, the Samsung S10 5G is one of the defining smartphones of the future. In this blog, we breakdown each feature in more detail and explain why it would be a great fit for you.

5G is the future of the internet and this edition of the Samsung S10 is well-prepped to take full advantage of it. You are guaranteed faster download speeds, more responsive browsing and better gaming experience. Since 5G is much faster than current 4G connections, you can download high-resolution movies in minutes, and there will be little to no load times when streaming due to the speed and low latency of the connection. Gamers will love the 5G connection because of its minimal lag, perfect for online gaming. 5G is the future of the internet, bringing very exciting prospects with it. If you want to feel the benefits of 5G, then you will need to get the Samsung S10 5G because you need a phone with connectivity capabilities specific for 5G.



Nothing screams high-end and classy like an incredible design and the Samsung S10 5G is stunning. It consists of a slim, tall body with smooth, curved corners, Gorilla Glass 6 and highly polished metal that reflects light. The display covers the front part of the body end-to-end. With the Samsung S10 5G, there are different colours – all of them cool and futuristic. In fact, it looks like something you will see in a Tron movie.

Overall, we thought the design looked great, and it is smooth and slender to hold, despite its larger size.


The Samsung S10 5G brings exceptional quality to images and videos thanks to the 6 cameras. Yes, when you are taking images with the Samsung S10 5G, you are not using three or four cameras, you are using 6 pro-grade cameras. Each one is built with high-end specs but of particular note, is the 16MP Ultra Wide camera, which lets you see in 123° field of vision. In addition to the specifications, the cameras feature intelligent software that augments and improves the quality of an image. If you want to take some high quality, sophisticated images and videos, like selfies with a blurred background or videos with bokeh effect, you can now do so with the Samsung S10 5G.


The Samsung S10 5G doesn’t just promise fast internet, it also promises fast performance. With a RAM speed of 8GB and 512GB storage, the Samsung S10 5G is quick and responsive. We thoroughly enjoyed the smooth, responsiveness of the phone. Loading and switching out apps was a breeze and we rarely encountered any lag even when performing the most demanding tasks, like gaming or experimenting with augmented reality features. You can even multitask demanding apps, like games or streaming, without seeing a drop in performance.  


Multitasking and fast downloads are great but that does not mean much without a large display for immersive viewing. Fortunately, the Samsung S10 5G features an incredibly large 6.7-inch AMOLED display, dubbed as the Cinematic Infinity Display. You will get realistic yet vibrant colours for a rich viewing experience, flush with colour and detail. Even better, the AMOLED display features low levels of blue light, which means less eye strain when you look at the screen. We watched a few movies on the smartphone and read an e-book, and we are pleased to report a pleasant viewing and reading experience. We could look at the smartphone display for almost an hour without feeling any strain.

Key takeaways

The Samsung S10 5G is an excellent smartphone and a handy investment for the future, especially with 5G becoming more mainstream. You will not find a faster smartphone than the 5G edition of the Samsung S10 not just because of the upgraded internet, but also because of its speed and performance. The robust technical specs are complemented by an incredible camera capable of sharp, detailed images and videos. If you are looking for a smartphone that will serve for years to come, look no further than the Samsung S10 5G.

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