Huawei Power Bank CP07 (6700mAh)

Slim & ergonomic body with simple & stylish design.? 6700 mAh capacity battery for daily power supply & short-term travelling, but still only perfume-bottle sized body for easy portability. Compliance with aviation management standards to follow you into planes.?Premium 18650 lithium-ion battery cell, high power output efficiency.?Matt surface with 3D engraved stripe texture coated by high-quality rubber paint for better comfort and grip.

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Ever been stranded with a dead smartphone? Ever had that unpleasant lurch when you discover that battery was less than 10%? Purchase the Huawei Power Bank CP07 and make those problems go away.
Concerned about charging power banks and smartphones? The Huawei Power Bank CP07 comes with bidirectional charging. Charge your smartphone and the power bank at once, if you need to!
Don’t like carrying heavy devices? The Power Bank has a slim, compact body measuring 96mm in length and weighing 120g. In other words, carrying the power bank is like carrying a perfume bottle. Just slip the power bank into your bag or pocket and forget it was ever there!
Want a stylish device? The Huawei Power Bank CP07 has a matte surface, with 3D engraved stripe texture and high-quality rubber cover for a comfortable grip and comes in vibrant, energetic colors.
Going shopping? Taking a flight? The Huawei Power Bank CP07 is the best travelling companion you can find. The Power bank was designed with aviation standards to charge your smartphone mid-flight.
Need to charge your wireless earphones? Turn on ‘Trickle Charging’ mode on the Huawei Power Bank CP07 and set your Bluetooth accessories to charge. The power bank will charge your earphones without overcharging the battery.
Concerned about safety? Don’t be! The Huawei Power Bank CP07 was designed with the Multi-Layer Safety Protection. A 9 layer level of protection covering input over current, output over voltage, electromagnetic shielding, dual short-circuit and more. You will not find a safer charging the device than the Huawei Power Bank CP07!
Power is a precious resource, the power bank was designed with a 18650 lithium-ion battery cell to deliver high power and maximise efficiency.
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