Why Mobile Phone Insurance is the Best Way to Protect Your Smartphone

Are you constantly worried about losing or damaging your precious (not to mention, ridiculously expensive) smartphone? If so, you’re likely to make a great candidate for mobile phone insurance.

At a time when most people would rather injure themselves than incur any damage to their mobile devices, insurance is a handy way to avoid unnecessary expenditure. Given the seemingly endless ways in which this can take place, comprehensive schemes are now on the rise, all over the UK.

On that note, our blog this week dives into all the reasons why mobile phone insurance is the best way to protect your smartphone. Continue reading to find out!

Phone repairs and replacements are infinitely expensive

Smartphones are supposed to last you a couple of years. Accidents, however, can take place in a heartbeat. Given that the universe doesn’t particularly care if you purchased your phone last year, last month, or even last week, preparing yourself for disastrous drops or other unforeseen disasters is key.

This is because smartphone repairs and replacements are now more expensive than ever. In fact, buyers are often forced to fork over money comparable to the purchase price of the devices themselves, for such services.

In this context, many find it far less burdensome to pay an affordable premium each month on comprehensive mobile insurance schemes. Certain service providers in the UK such as Tinhat, cover a range of calamities including phone theft, accidental damage, and even compensate for limited manufacturer warranties!

Even the best phone covers can prove ineffective

So, you spent a mini fortune on an exceptional phone cover. Does this mean your smartphone is safe?

While a good phone cover may protect your device from most accidents, it won’t prevent it from getting lost, stolen, or from suffering extensive water damage. It is estimated, in fact, that approximately 80 million phones are lost, stolen, and damaged each year. This amounts to a rate of 2.5 phones every second!

In this regard, smartphone insurance schemes prove to be a very effective guarantee against such incidents.

You enjoy undisturbed peace of mind

One of the biggest benefits of mobile phone insurance is that it gives insured individuals supreme peace of mind.

Without the need to be excessively cautious about how you can or should use your phone, users are allowed to enjoy the full functionality of their phones without missing out on any of life’s big moments.

While many claim that such insurance is an unnecessary expenditure given that they may never use it, it, nonetheless, does away with the headache of worrying about every minor accident. Much like a car or home insurance, it circumvents the risk of unforeseen catastrophes; which, much like most things in life, can’t be anticipated or prevented.

Manufacturer warranties are woefully inadequate

Another factor that makes mobile phone insurance extremely appealing is the fact that manufacturer warranties are often very limited.

Covering only a few repairs or replacements, warranties are often time sensitive as well, expiring in the blink of an eye. In these instances, they also prove to be expensive to extend, leaving buyers in the lurch for mobile coverage that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

The mobile phone insurance claims process is convenient

The insurance claims process is one that has consistently suffered from a bad reputation.
Fortunately for weary smartphone users, mobile phone insurance does not suffer from the same.

Given how essential these devices are to day-to-day life, most service providers provide exceptionally efficient service, facilitating a convenient claims process. With the ability to file claims every day of the year, in-person or online, individuals no longer spend an inordinate amount of time losing sleep over inefficient insurance services.

Key takeaways

Mobile phone insurance is, undeniably, the most effective way to insulate yourself against the potential loss or damage of your smartphone.

For buyers who wish to dispel the nightmare of expensive phone repairs and replacements, comprehensive insurance schemes prove invaluable. With the ability to cover a range of unfortunate accidents and losses, buyers on the market can now enjoy unparalleled peace of mind.


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