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Unlocked Phones – Going SIM-free vs Opting for a Carrier Plan

For new buyers on the market, unlocked phones represent the holy grail of cost-saving.

However, when it comes to SIM-free mobile devices, its benefits are often lost in a mess of advertising that promise users more with preset carrier plans. That is, until now.

At BoxedTech, we aim to provide our customers with the utmost transparency by proving through our blog this week, that when it comes to choosing affordable devices, going SIM-free is always the best choice.

Not convinced? Take a look at our post below for a comparison of preset mobile carrier plans and unlocked phones (i.e. SIM-free). The decision is yours!

Unlocked Phones and Carrier Plans – What Does This Mean?

By opting for service providers that sell SIM-free devices, it means that you purchase a phone with the freedom to choose a prepaid or postpaid plan, whichever is most convenient. This choice often represents a meaningful difference for many buyers and can, in fact, save you from unnecessary expenditure in most cases.

Going for smartphones with a preset carrier plan, on the other hand, means that you have no choice but to go for a postpaid package. This often amounts to significantly more cost and hassle than the former.

The SIM-Free Experience

By going SIM-free, buyers have all the freedom to tailor their spending on phone calls, texts, and data down to the last pound. This is perfect if you’re someone whose phone usage fluctuates every month, giving you the freedom to pay for whatever you need and nothing more. With preset plans, you may be forced to pay for services you don’t even need and let’s not even get started on expensive roaming charges!

Additionally, opting for prepaid plans also prevents you from racking up on unpaid bills. Here, either you pay or you simply can’t use your phone – great for people who have a little difficulty with making payments on time!

Further, going SIM-free also means you have a wide selection of phones to choose from. Devices offered by a carrier generally include only a limited number of devices. By opting for unlocked phones, however, not only can you get your hands on unlocked iPhones but a range of more affordable choices as well.

In addition to this, you also have the advantage of added flexibility. Whether you want to disconnect and go off the grid, travel abroad or simply choose a new service provider, all of this is possible when you opt for unlocked phones.

Lastly, postpaid plans come with the pressure of having an outstanding credit score. Here, since you only pay for services after you use them, having good credit is necessary. If you don’t feel like you’re ready to share your credit history or have some work to do in that regard, SIM-free phones are the best choice.

The Preset Contract Option

For loyal customers of major carriers, little can be said to dissuade them from the perks of choosing devices on a mobile contract.

Sure, there’s the reliable customer service, network priority, and lucrative family plans. However, all of this can really rack up monthly charges, and if you can’t afford it, you’re guaranteed to start feeling the pinch almost immediately.

While contract plans may make your smartphone more affordable in the short run, you often find that you pay more on your device than if you opted for an unlocked phone. Further, calls, texts, and data tend to be more expensive when you’re on a carrier plan.

Preset devices also mean less freedom. If you’re someone who’s constantly changing phones, you may find that you’ll be bound to your existing contract for around two years (depending on who your carrier is). The only way out is usually through an exorbitant fee – impractical if you’re already paying an arm and a leg in monthly arrears.

Key Takeaways

For individuals who wish to cut down on unnecessary expense and enjoy the utmost freedom when it comes to choosing devices, unlocked phones are the best option.

Thus, whether you want an unlocked iPhone or something more affordable, BoxedTech represents service you can trust.


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