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Samsung Galaxy S10

Its that time of the year again, when one of the two giants in the smartphone industry unveils the latest iteration of their flagship phone. Samsung first revealed the Samsung S10 back in February of this year, but we only did our hands-on trial recently. Having used the phone for a few days, we can honestly say that Samsung has set a new standard in smartphone design.


The Samsung S10’s design matches its high price point with a slim, sophisticated build. Naturally, the first feature you will notice is the screen. Bigger than ever and with less bezel than before, the AMOLED Infinity Display measures over 6.1” from top to bottom. The display renders rich tones and fantastic colour contrast while using smart technology to reduce eye strain. Meanwhile, the rear is no slouch – it features a sleek design encased in Gorilla Glass 6. The fantastic design is only enhanced by the spectrum of prismatic colours that capture light at every angle. You can choose from different colours ranging from black to blue. Overall, the Samsung S10 has a great design. It looks and feels like a high-end smartphone, which is important.


Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have heard about the new camera system for the Samsung S10. We are calling it a camera system, as opposed to a camera because the Samsung S10 has five cameras working in unison, all with impressive technical specs. A 16MP ultra-wide camera, 12MP Telephoto camera, 12MP wide-lens, 10MP selfie camera and 8MP RGB camera. All very impressive specs that deliver some truly sublime images.

So, what does it all mean? Well, it means you can become the next Steve McCurry or at least somewhere close to his skill level. In our experience, every picture taken with the Samsung S10 has come out crisp and detailed, in both dark and light conditions, thanks to the dual aperture lens. It’s a bit of a relief not having to worry about the lighting can affect the clarity of your selfie (unless you are a professional photographer aspiring to become the next Steven McCurry). Then there is the wide-angle camera lens. Its biggest contributing factor is its ability to incorporate more background into your image. It’s a spectacular feature to be sure, but we suspect that its use will depend on the talent of the person working the camera.

Overall, the Samsung S10 has a spectacular camera system, one that will deliver, crisp, sharp images and videos in both light and dark conditions. If you have an Instagram account, a Youtube account, or someone who simply loves photography, then, you are going to love the Samsung S10.


The Samsung promises some top-of-the-line specs perfect for intensive use, like gaming. The Samsung Galaxy 9 was great, but you could feel the strain on the phone whenever you did something extensively demanding, like gaming. The battery depletes quickly, the performance drops and it starts to lag. Not so with the Samsung S10! The smartphone was designed from the ground up for activities like gaming, watching Netflix and more. The Infinity Display and Dolby Surround Sound are backed up by a meaty processor delivering 128 GB of RAM and maximum storage of 1.5TB (1 TB internal and the remaining 512GB on MicroSD card).

There is also a host of new technologies, like AI, to optimise smartphone performance, along with a vapour chamber cooling system to reduce overheating. Hence, you have a smartphone geared for the most demanding activities that can last hours without a dip in performance. We played some Fortnite to test out the phone, and while the smartphone’s performance impressed us, we were just as impressed with the battery power. It’s 3400mAh battery is optimised with Adaptive Power Saving Mode and intelligent technology. In other words, the less demanding your activities are, the longer the battery lasts.

Key takeaways

In February 2019, Samsung reared its head to cap off a decade of quality smartphones with the Samsung S10. It’s a fantastic smartphone, delivering in the three key areas most people will look at in design, performance and camera. It’s a fantastic smartphone stacked with powerful features, perfect for anyone looking for a visual upgrade in their images, videos and more.



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