Samsung Galaxy A9 is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful phone without shedding big bucks.

Samsung Galaxy A9

The Samsung Galaxy A9 came out less than a year ago but has been forgotten in the wake of the S10 and the Galaxy Fold. We think that’s a crime. Though not as famous as the newer releases, the A9 is a powerhouse of a smartphone, perfect for anyone looking for a significant upgrade without shelling the big bucks for the Fold or S10. Let’s dive into more detail, shall we?



The Samsung Galaxy A9 has a phenomenal design, consisting of a slim body with curved corners. The display, also known as Infinity Display, measures over 6.3” from end-to-end with no bezel. However, what impressed us the most was the colour scheme. The smartphone comes with a range of bright colours that go beyond conventional colours.

You can choose between the classic Black in a stylish glossy cover or bright, vibrant monochrome colours like Bubblegum Pink and Lemonade Blue. The result is a smartphone that looks sleek, glossy and colourful, while also being easy to hold.


As we tried this brand new smartphone, we fell in love with the camera. Whether you are an Instagram influencer with a million followers or someone just looking for a phone with a great camera. It doesn’t matter. You are going to love the new quad-lens camera from Samsung Galaxy A9.

The Samsung A9 doesn’t have one or two cameras, it features four cameras: ultra-wide, telephoto, main and depth cameras with varying resolutions and aperture rates. These four cameras are backed up with software, like Scene Optimiser and Flaw Detection to fix mistakes and improve image quality.

What does this mean? It means you can capture spectacular images in any setting. Want to take a panoramic shot? The Ultra-Wide camera guarantees a high-quality wide shot, optimised as soon as you capture the image. Want a great close-up image? The Telephoto Camera gives 2x optical zoom for some incredible close-ups.

Hoping to get a crisp, clear selfie in light and dark conditions? The main camera snaps incredible photos in both low and light conditions thanks to its 24MP resolution and f/1.7 aperture.


Of course, a fantastic camera is no use without a fast processor or RAM speed, and we are happy to report that the Samsung Galaxy A9 excels on both accounts. Look past the excellent design, and you will find an Octa-core processor with 6B RAM speed to provide fast load speeds, minimal lag when loading complex apps, and better use of battery power.

The combined processor and RAM speed are great for a wide range of tasks ranging from reading ebooks to live-streaming. The large display allows for multi-tasking and makes it easier to run more than one app at once. Imagine watching a video and discussing it with your friends at the same time (I imagine you have a lot of things to say about Game of Thrones!).

If you haven’t caught the cloud storage bug yet, then you will be glad to know that the Samsung Galaxy A9 has incredible storage capacity. With over 128GB capacity, you can store a lot of Netflix episodes, apps, images, movies and music on your phone – all just one finger swipe away. The default storage capacity can be expanded by a MicroSD card to a maximum space of 512GB, so if you are running out of space, you don’t have to delete any of your old content.

Accessibility and customisation are often underrated but important features of a smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy A9 offers several useful features like voice assistant, magnifier widgets, high contrast theme, sound balance and direct access are just some of the accessible features available to you.

You can also customise how your phone operates – for example, you can customise the Always On Display (AOD) to show different bits of information ranging from the date to battery power level. But that’s not all! There are a variety of themes you can download for the AOD and wallpaper – use these customisation options to add your personality to the smartphone.

Key takeaways

With its quad-lens camera, glossy, slender design, fast performance and efficient battery power, the Samsung A9 is a powerful, versatile smartphone camera. Whether it’s for capturing images, watching videos live or just reading an ebook, the A9 is the perfect smartphone for all situations. It’s the perfect upgrade for anyone looking for a more powerful smartphone that delivers the stunning image quality and robust power.

What are your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy A9? Share them in the comments below.

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