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Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 Caviar Black 6.3″ 128GB Unlocked & SIM Free


With its AMOLED 6.3” screen, quad camera system, intelligent features and TV connectivity, the Samsung A9 is the best entertainment pocket device you can carry in your pocket. Enjoy Netflix on the largest screen in your house and some of the best pictures you have captured with the Samsung A9.

color: Caviar Black
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Feature Details
Battery Non-removable Li-Ion battery 3800 mAh
Display 6.3 ” Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
Camera 24MP, 2160p
Memory 128GB Storage, 6 GB RAM
Processor Snapdragon 660


Additional information

Weight 0.183 kg
Dimensions 16.25 × 7.7 × 0.78 cm

Caviar Black





Product Details

With its quad rear camera, the Samsung Galaxy A9 is the perfect device for anyone who loves capturing images. Whether you are a professional photographer or just someone wanting to spruce up their Instagram, the Samsung Galaxy A9 was built for you.
The Galaxy A9 features quad rear cameras, which means there are four cameras to deliver the perfect shot. The main camera features a whopping 24MP, while the Telephoto features 10MP, Ultra wide 8MP, and the Depth 5MP.
Capture breathtaking photos wherever you go!
Have you struggled to take panoramic shots? Put those struggles to rest with the Samsung Galaxy A9. The Ultra Wide camera provides a 120-degree angle that captures everything you can see. No need to fuss over settings and angles to get the perfect panorama shot. Hold up your camera and take the shot!
Capture shots with a blurred background using the Depth camera or zoom in on the action with the Telephoto camera. Enrich your portfolio and Instagram page with a variety of high-quality images using the Samsung Galaxy A9.
The Galaxy A9 features more than multiple cameras. It is optimised with built-in software to brush out imperfections in the image. Flaw Detection is an intelligent photo adviser that identifies any flaws in the image. Blinking eyes, facial blurs, and shadows are just some of the problems identified when images are captured.
Love taking selfies? The 24MP front camera, combined with low-light technology and Selfie Focus guarantees crisp, clear shots, be it day or night. Wow your friends and followers with the best selfies on the Internet!
Get the Samsung Galaxy A9 and take crisp, detailed images, be it day or night. Announce your photography skills and build up a fantastic portfolio, or simply spruce up your Facebook and Instagram account with some fantastic selfies.
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