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How To Pick The Right Mobile Insurance Scheme

As mobile phones are getting bigger and more powerful, they’re also becoming more expensive. Take an iPhone for example. There are now more than 700 million iPhones currently in use worldwide and iPhone repairs for last year came to up to a whopping £680 million in the UK. This does not mean that only iPhones are covered in your everyday mobile insurance schemes, anything from Huawei to One Plus is covered by any superior mobile insurance scheme. With numbers like that, a mobile insurance scheme seems like a good idea.

This is especially true when premiums can be as low as £3.49 per month. After all, who wants to dip into their emergency funds to repair a cracked screen? In the following sections, we run through a few factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right mobile insurance scheme.

What should you consider before choosing a mobile insurance scheme?

One of the first things to take into consideration how well the cost of a plan would fit into your budget. Additionally, you need to be certain of the specific areas you need coverage for. You can usually base this off your habits and history of owning a phone. For example, if you have a tendency to drop your phone, be sure the plan you select covers screen replacement and has a deductible that isn’t through the roof for this type of repair. If you’re prone to dropping your cell into bodies of water (or even the toilet), confirm that your policy includes water damage.

Carefully weigh the options between carrier plans, manufacturer’s warranties, and third-party companies. What may work for you depends on what you need in terms of cost, coverage, deductible, and the number of claims allowed annually. It is advised to always read the fine print.

Listed below are the key types of coverages you should look into when considering adopting a mobile insurance scheme. Does the mobile insurance provider you’re looking at offer you the relevant coverage you’re most in need of?

Coverage for phones that are stolen

Phones and other mobile devices are increasingly attractive to sticky-fingered thieves. They don’t just value the hardware, but also the sensitive data on it. Nearly half a million people in the UK lost their phones but how many of them had a trusty mobile insurance scheme to help them get through?

If you’ve had a history of having your phone stole or you’re particularly concerned about this, consider mobile insurance that covers theft.

Coverage for accidental damage

Chances are, you’ve damaged your mobile phone and been stuck with a hefty bill to repair or replace it. Whether it’s dropping it and cracking the screen, spilling a drink on it or even losing your phone, inadvertently damaging your mobile phone can cost you big. In all honesty, at some point in our lives, we will inevitably hurt our precious devices.

Your smartphone tends to travel with you everywhere, so it’s exposed to all sorts of potential problems. In a consumer reports survey about smartphone mishaps, a respondent reported accidentally drowning his phone in a washing machine. Another ran one over a phone with a car. Then there was the phone that a pit bull used as a chew toy. The accidents range from hilarious to downright insane. But the mark of a truly good mobile insurance scheme will protect your phone from it’s worst enemy – your carelessness.

Coverage when manufacturer warranties are inadequate/expire

Most mobiles come with just a one or two-year warranties – and extended warranties can be expensive. Purchasing mobile insurance schemes that are active well beyond the completion of your warranty is one good way of ensuring coverage for instances of mechanical breakdown once your warranty bids you a cruel farewell.

Multi-device coverage

Good insurance schemes cover not only your phone but your tablet as well. The ability to ensure the protection and safety of your mobile phone and tab under one umbrella is a sign of a good mobile insurance scheme.

If you’re a techie and you love your devices, consider mobile insurance that facilitates multi-device coverage.

Key takeaways

Taking care of our gadgets is an important part of extending their lives, reducing the amount of e-waste we create, and keeping our environmental footprint in check. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Using a bumper or any type of protective case on your smartphone can prevent a lot of breaks and cracked screens but nothing protects it as well as a mobile insurance scheme.

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