As the benchmark for any tablet that is released, the iPad is used to compare any competitor it has in the market. The differences between Samsung’s tablet series and the iPad are actually rather minor; leaving it down to the people who prefer the use of Android or Apple. To help you make a decision between the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab in the UK – despite the very similar pricing, size and capabilities – our team are on hand to help.

On our online store at BoxedTech we are always looking to upgrade our selection of tablets to suit the growing need for something that is both powerful and portable. The Samsung Galaxy Tab series is regarded as the closest competitor to the popular iPad. But why has it got this reputation?

  1. Android and the ease of navigation: Perfect for those that already have an Android phone, investing in one of the best tablets that use the operating system could be ideal. Get every setting and app that you need in a recognisable format.
  2. Security features aplenty: Whether you take your tablet to work or you let the children play on it occasionally, Samsung use a number of safety features to help you. Fingerprint scanning and parental controls are simple and effective to setup.
  3. Attractive tablet with many accessories available: For something that will continue to look great in the future as well as safe, you can trust the Samsung Galaxy series. Due to its popularity, there are a vast array of accessories to upgrade your experience.

To discover more about out Samsung Galaxy Tabs in the UK, get in contact with us today.

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