The freedom of a sim-free phone is that you can choose how much you spend each month on your data, minutes and texts. If you are not too bothered about taking out a contract that will see you losing money each month, you can invest in a sim-free phone. What’s more is that if you look after it well, it can last longer and not mean paying out extra money to get a new one as you would on a contract.

At BoxedTech we have a vast array of sim-free phones online that will give you the best chance of reducing your monthly costs. We source our phones from reliable sources across Europe to ensure that you receive products that you can trust and buy with confidence. Our sim-free phones are available for delivery across the UK and they are accompanied by a range of five-star reviews from our one-off and repeat customers.

Why choose from our range of sim-free phones online BoxedTech?

Our job is to provide the most affordable and top-quality handsets on the market. That’s why we stock an ever-growing selection of iPhone, Samsung, LG, CAT and Huawei sim-free phones that are ready for you to purchase.

Choose our online store as your destination for upgrading, replacing and investing in a new sim-free phone. Get in contact to discuss your options with our team today.

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