Apple airpod vs galaxy buds

Apple Air Pods vs. Samsung Galaxy Buds

Apple and Samsung have been warring for dominance in the consumer tech and that war now extend into a battle for wireless earphones supremacy. Apple came out with the Apple Airpods, while Samsung responded with the Galaxy Buds. In this blog, we compare the two earphones against each other to see which one offers a better deal to customers. If you are inclined to side with one product over the other, it will be a good idea to see how both wireless earbuds stack against each other.


We start off with a tricky subject. Overall, both wireless earphones have similar mini in-ear design meant to fit into the palm of your hand. For the most part, we found the fit to be comfortable and snug but we suspect that there will be people who will struggle to fit. This is one of the disadvantages of an in-ear design, however, we understand that the experience will change depending on the individual.


In terms of usability, we have to give the edge to the Samsung Galaxy Buds. The Buds come with a Galaxy wear app that gives battery level and equaliser options to customise the sound to your liking, there are even presets with different equaliser settings for you to choose from. The Buds even offer ambient sound settings to let you hear your surroundings (though we are not sure how useful this feature will be, yet). The Air Pods, on the other hand tell you battery level on your iOS device but don’t offer the same level of customisation of sound.


Both wireless earphones have a fantastic design, small compact and featuring the right colour palette. The Air-pods have a distinct design with a stem that comes out of the ears, while the Samsung Galaxy Buds feature a more rounded design with a USB port for charging. Both earbuds are packed into a round case small enough to fit into your pocket.

There is a difference here of course – the Air-pods case is smaller and square shaped while the Buds are rounded and slightly larger. However, both cases have a practical use, given that the case comes with magnetic technology to hold the earphones in place. The case for the Buds have a USB-C charging slot, while the case has the additional charging capability.

Call Quality

Call Quality on both wireless earphones is fantastic and was crystal clear no matter where we went (and considering some of the team members use the bus, that is very important). Both earphones use dual microphone technology, the reason behind the crystal call quality that can block out background noise. However, we have to concede that the AirPods have the higher call quality, no doubt because of those stems that contain an additional mic for blocking out background noise.

Battery life

As far as the battery is concerned, it’s a toss-up. The Samsung Galaxy Buds offer longer battery life but longer charging times, while the Apple Airpods offer shorter battery life with shorter charging times. A 15-minute charge session delivers three hours of music and call time. The Galaxy Buds do not offer such short charging times but then again you don’t need to charge them as frequently, which is a plus.

This one was a toss-up amongst our team members – some had to deal with the frequent charge times provided they were short, while others preferred the sessions that lasted longer. We will leave this one to you.


Set up is incredibly easy on both earphones. The Apple Airpods use a W1 chip to connect seamlessly with iOS devices. While the Samsung Galaxy Buds utilise similar technology for a quick setup with other Android devices. If you have several devices with the same operating system, then you can connect with several devices and switch between them on the fly, so you can enjoy several hours of music, no matter where you are.

However, there is no quick setup feature when using Airpods with Android devices nor is there a quick setup feature when connecting Samsung Galaxy Buds with iOS devices. Overall, setup was easier on both devices – all you had to do was simply turn on the earbuds, turn on Bluetooth on your device and then connect them.

Key takeaways

The Samsung Galaxy Buds and the Apple Airpods excel in terms of design, call quality and setup. They are small and compact enough to be carried in your pockets (even when carried in a case), they have a rounded, stylish design that makes it an easy fit for most. Both earphones are incredibly easy to set up.

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