Mobile World Congress unveiled some interesting trends.

6 New Smartphone Technologies Revealed at the World Mobile Congress

The annual World Mobile Congress is underway in Barcelona and the team at Boxedtech have been keeping an eye on proceedings. While the conference is still ongoing, what we have seen blew us away and made us quite excited. Here are the 6 technologies that tell us about the future of smartphone technology.

Foldable smartphones

The reveals of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X got the tech industry abuzz with excitement. These are the first foldable smartphones presented to the public. Both phones look like your standard smartphone but can fold either forward or backwards, depending on your preference. It’s an exciting take on smartphone design, which has been, for some time, a little too standard for our tastes. However, there is a downside to all this. The current foldable smartphones are quite expensive, the Galaxy Fold is selling at $1,980, while the Mate X goes at $2000. Still, we are excited to see any new take on the smartphone design.

More storage

Now this one’s a doozy. Micron and Western Digital’s SanDisk just unveiled the first ever 1TB MicroSD cards at the World Mobile Congress, and it couldn’t come at a better time. When smartphones are introducing 4K technology, and games with massive file sizes, 256GB storage cards are no longer enough. The new 1TB MicroSD cards are going to be useful to anyone who records videos in 4K and downloads high res games regularly. SanDisk claims to offer better performance with a faster read speed of 160MB/s read speed, compared to 100MB/s from Micron. But, that doesn’t mean that Micron’s cards are inferior because they offer a faster write speed 95MB/s compared to SanDisk’s 90 MB/s.

5G is coming

5G networks promise faster download speeds and lower network latency and has been a point of emphasis at the World Mobile Congress. Smartphone manufacturers are already preparing for the technology with new products of their own. Though we are some years away from the average person using 5G, manufacturers like OnePlus, Qualcomm, Xiaomi and LG are already building technology to make full use of the latest network. This is not surprising, as many smartphone manufacturers want to be the first on the market.

Mixed reality technology

It may be known as the World Mobile Congress, but Microsoft took the time to unveil the next generation of mixed-reality technology, the Hololens 2, an improved design makes the headset, sleeker to look at, more comfortable to wear, and cheaper to own. For those of who you who don’t know, mixed reality looks to blend the physical and digital worlds, unlocking new ways to interact with our environment. The Hololens 2 is is built for businesses, instead of the consumer market. But how long will it be before we have a mixed reality headset sitting in our living rooms?

Wearable technology evolves

Nubia unveiled a brand new wearable, at the World Mobile Congress, one that is set to take everything a smartwatch, and dial it to an eleven. The first thing we noticed about Nubia’s new watch is its design. The screen is only four inches, but the ultra wide ratio makes it look much larger than it actually is. The screen is made of flexible OLED technology, so it bends around your wrist without breaking. The next thing we noticed was the technology, the smartwatch comes with gesture control, so you can wave your finger over the device to control the screen. There were, of course, other functionalities that impressed us, like the 5MP camera, text messaging and even the option to watch movies.

Key takeaways from the World Mobile Congress

The World Mobile Congress has only completed one day, but we are already seeing several technological trends that are going to shape the future of smartphones and mobile technology, in general. Some technologies are sorely needed (like 1 TB storage), while others seem a little excessive right now. However, these new technologies will pave the way for brand new ways of using our smartphones, which makes it even more exciting.

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