6 Features To Look At Before Buying A Smartphone

Buying a smartphone can either be exciting or a hassle. There are so many features to consider and smartphone manufacturers throw terms around like ‘octa-core processor!’ and ‘IP-68’ leaving many people confused about their meaning and how it helps them. I have many friends who are not tech-oriented and they all complain that it is difficult to select the right smartphone. So, I am going to explain the key features to consider before you get a new smartphone.

It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement around some big features like a camera. However, the smartphone features that get the most buzz aren’t always right for you. If you are not the type of person who takes tons of selfies, then you don’t need a smartphone with a 48MP camera. Instead, I am going to focus on more quality of life features, the type that will affect your experience on a daily basis.


If you were to ask me, the battery is one of the most important features of a smartphone. Without a robust battery, you are going to spend more time charging the battery than using the smartphone. If you are the type of person who watches a ton of videos or plays games, your battery is going to be incredibly important. Hence, when buying a smartphone, you should consider battery capacity and charging capability. Some smartphones come with wireless charging pads, making charging more convenient.


I highly recommend getting a smartphone with a large display (at least 6 inches). Why? Because a large display makes everything easier. If you watch videos, browse the web or read ebooks, having a bigger screen makes it easier to read or watch. You also need to consider the type of display. There are two types of smartphone displays: LCD and OLED. The OLED display is the better choice because the contrast is better, the colours are better and are more battery efficient.


When buying a smartphone, you need to consider the OS. Regardless of whether you are using Apple or Android, you need to make sure that you are getting the most recent version of the OS. The more recent versions of the Android and iOS offer better UI and other features but, more importantly, if you get a smartphone with an older OS, then you will not get access to certain functions on your favourite apps. For example, Netflix lets you download your favourite TV shows to your smartphone and watch offline, whenever you want to but it is only available for smartphones with Android version 4.4.2 or later. For Apple, it is iOS 9 and up. Therefore, make sure that your new smartphone has an up-to-date OS.

Performance – RAM

Always give due diligence to RAM speed when buying a smartphone. RAM speed is a key factor in smartphone performance. RAM determines the speed of the smartphone and how responsive it will be. In other words, the higher the RAM, the faster the smartphone. It is especially important if you are using demanding apps, like mobile games. Even if you don’t play games, having extra RAM is great because it means a fast, responsive smartphone.

Pro or Standard

Before buying a smartphone, keep in mind that there are two editions: Pro (or Plus, for Samsung) and standard. Flagship phones have different editions at different prices. Smartphones with a ‘Pro’ or ‘Plus’ attached to the name have better specs than their standard counterparts, in the form of a bigger screen or higher RAM. Therefore, if you want an excellent smartphone but don’t want to spend too much money, you can get the Pro edition of an older smartphone, instead of the standard edition of the latest version.

For example, instead of buying the S10, you can get the Samsung S9 Plus. That way, you get an excellent smartphone but at a lower price.


SIM-free smartphones are great because it is less expensive. You get more freedom because you can choose the network you want whenever you want. The sim-free smartphone represents a cost saving because you can get a better deal where monthly payments will be cheaper, allowing you to save a lot of pounds in the long run. You also don’t have to worry about the network operator locking features on your brand new smartphone.

What must you always keep in mind when buying a smartphone?

Buying a smartphone can be fun but confusing if people don’t know where to look. However, you only need to hone in on a few key features that will affect your user experience on a daily basis. Hopefully, after reading this post, you will get a better idea of the best ways to get a new smartphone.

Are there any features you look at when searching for a new smartphone?

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